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Understanding The Various Types Of Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Sheet metal fabrication expands into various processes that is used to design and develop products. The type of products designed using sheet metal fabrication methods consist of vehicles, buildings, bridges and more. The materials for fabrication consist of steel, iron and aluminum. The process of fabrication allows the metal to be manipulated into various shapes and sizes. The information listed below provides some details about the various types of sheet metal fabrication.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Folding

Metal has to be maneuvered in order to create a particular product. With sheet metal fabrication the process of folding is completed by using a brake press. The press is equipped with a set of dies, which creases metal, allowing it to fold. The process is designed to allow metal to fold and fasten together to take on the form of another shape. This is done by using two types of fabrication methods for folding and fastening the sheet metal together to create the piece.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Machining

Sheet metal fabrication is used in order to effectively remove metal from another piece of material. The process involves using a lathe, which allows material to rotate through a stationary cutting tool. The range of motion used to cut the sheet metal away from the material also flows through a cutting heat using an axis machine.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Punching  

Sheet metal punching use of a scissor-like method called "punch and die," which creates holes in the materials. The process involves setting the punch and die machine up with the numerical system needed to create a hole in your desired shape or size. The holes in the sheet metal material are usually designed so that fasteners can be added to attach another piece. For instance, you may have to use the punching method in order to add corners to another portion of sheet metal.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Shearing

Instead of using a saw to cut metal, sheet metal shearing is considered easier and more suited for longer projects. The method of shearing involves cutting long pieces of metal. The process is similar to using a long handle paper cutter for drafting. However, it involves a machine that works at a much faster pace.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Welding

Welding is probably one of the most used sheet metal fabrication methods. This process involves joining metal together with the use of heat. For instance, some artists use the method of welding to create sculptures.

The list above is only a small portion of the various types of sheet metal fabrication. If you are considering using sheet metal fabrication for your project, consult with a contractor to find out what method works best.