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4 Reasons To Replace Your Roof With Metal

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Part of the decision process of installing a brand new roof on your home is selecting the roofing material that will be used. You can go with the safe option of replacing it with the exact same material that you currently have or select something new. While you might not be sure of going with an unknown material at first, these 4 reasons to pick metal roofing material could help convince you to think differently.

Metal Needs Less Maintenance And Repairs 

Are you tired of going onto your roof to do maintenance on your own? Metal could be the answer to your problem. This roofing material doesn't require much maintenance over the years, so there will be fewer times that you'll find yourself climbing up a steep ladder to get to it. It's still important to have an inspection done each year to make sure the roof is still in great condition, but that can be said of any roofing material.

Metal Lasts A Long Time

Does it feel like you just replaced your previous roof with asphalt shingles? That's because the material doesn't have a very long lifespan, lasting around 15-25 years. Metal roofing material will last much longer in comparison, lasting as long as 60 years. It's very possible that a metal roof could be the last roof you ever buy. If you have no plans to sell your home, do yourself a favor and install a metal roof so you never have to think about roof replacement again.

Metal Comes In a Variety of Colors

Every drive around your block and look at all the roofs? Chances that they are all the same color. Metal roofing will give you the opportunity to make your house stand out in the neighborhood. The material is manufactured in a variety of different colors, so you can pick the color that you want rather than feeling limited. It can be a color that compliments your brick or siding, or a bold color that contrasts your home's existing style. The possibilities are endless.

Metal Is Lightweight

Metal is a very lightweight material to use for a roof, which can provide benefits over other materials. For example, if you are installing over an existing roof instead of tearing off the old one, the weight of the material will be minimal. You'll avoid having to make structural changes that accommodate for the heavy weight on it.

For more info on metal roofing, you should speak to a local roofer (such as JD Metals).