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Three Ways To Organize Your Closet With Clothes Hangers

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Plastic clothes hangers can make keeping your clothes neat and orderly easy. Many people only use plastic clothes hangers in the traditional way they are made to be used however, there are many other ways that you can use the hangers to make your closet even more organized. Use the guide below to learn a few unconventional ways to use your plastic clothes hangers.

Add Shower Curtain Rings to the Bottom of a Hanger

Add the inexpensive shower curtain rings that you can buy at any big box store to the bottom of a plastic clothes hanger. Loop the sleeves of a tank top through the opening in one of the ring and then close the ring. Repeat the process with the rest of the rings on the clothes hanger. When you are done, you will be able to hang five or six tank tops on one coat hanger to save space in your closet. 

Hang Belts from the Plastic Coat Hangers

Hangers can be great to use to organize belts, as well. Simply lay your belts flat on your bed, with the clasps positioned at the opposite end of the bed from where you are standing. Lay a hanger onto the belts so that the clasps lay in the opening of the hanger. Pull the bottom end of the belts toward the clasps and then push the belt end into the clasp and pull until the clasp is tight against the hanger. Once all of the belts are looped around the hanger, hold the hanger up slightly and pull the ends of the belts one more time to make sure that they will stay in place. You can then hang the hanger in the closet and easily find a belt whenever you need it.

Use Hangers to Organize Your Scarfs and Ties

Line curtain rings side by side one another on a flat surface. Use twine or floral wire to secure the rings to one another. Create another row of rings that is the same length as the right row and attach the two rows together with the twine or wire. Repeat the process until you have enough openings to store all of your ties and scarves. Once you are done, attach the top row of curtain rings to the bottom of a hanger with the wire or twine. You can then push one tie or scarf through each opening to store it neatly in the closet.

Be sure to invest in the heavy-duty clothes hangers to ensure that they can support the weight of the items that you plan to hang on them. All of these tips take very little time to do and can make your closet more organized when you are done.